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Saturday February 25th 2017

Kittanning Borough

Kittanning Opens Jefferson »

The temperature was 55 degrees yesterday. It was shortly before 9AM as workers took "road closed" signs [...]

New Traffic Lights Posed “Serious Hazard” New Traffic Lights Posed »

by Jonathan Weaver New traffic signals implemented at the corners of Market and Water Streets in [...]

Kittanning Borough Income »

Some Kittanning Borough officials may be asked to complete income surveys within the next [...]

Ford City

Consent Agenda Usage Approved by »

Consent Agenda Usage Approved by Ford City Council

  All six Ford City Borough Council elected officials were in attendance last night, and approved for the future use of a consent agenda to [Read More]

Armstrong School District

Junior High Play Premieres Tonight Junior High Play »

  by Jonathan Weaver About 90 minutes of silly fun and laughs await local [...]

School Renovations Update Rescheduled School Renovations »

by Jonathan Weaver A special meeting scheduled to discuss the upcoming Shannock Valley [...]

Elderton Elementary Girls Enjoy Wonderland Ball Elderton Elementary »

More than 60 Elderton Elementary girls attended the first "My Guy and Me Wonderland Ball" [...]